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All human beings are naturally born storytellers. We all have unique communication skills. However, in modern times, we tend to become quite disconnected from our natural ways and our natural skills. We have forgotten how to tell a story in an appealing and compelling way. In order to reconnect to our natural sources, we just need to dare to show up and step into a zone which does not initially feel familiar to us. In my workshop and story coaching sessions, I become the midwife to your unique creative process, which is like a birth. 

I believe in the wisdom, magic and power of stories. The human mind functions with patterns and habits which usually resist change. Stories contain novel ideas and they present those ideas in patterns, so our mind understands them easily. Stories are a powerful way to convince our minds for change. On the other hand, stories do not convey only ideas or facts, they are a beautiful way of creating emotional connection in human-to-human communication. Stories connect us with each other while speaking the language of the heart. They nourish our souls. 

WHY TO TELL STORIES? Engage people with shared meaning/value Enable connection with people towards a common goal Express your unique voice and entertain others
HOW TO TELL STORIES? Spontaeous Creative Imaginative
WHAT STORIES TO TELL? Inspirational Formed in easy patterns Simply and powerfully structured